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The Netherlands

Typical Budget: $10,000+ Hourly Rate: €85 Staff: 25 People

About Sterc Internet & Marketing

At Sterc, we create extraordinary results together. Since 2005, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with customers from all over the world, using MODX as the base for all our projects. This has resulted in many great projects, varying from linking databases, PDF generators, brochure generators, several plugins and many, many (responsive) websites. MODX has enabled us to create complex platforms for large, international organisations.

With almost 30 professionals working on our projects and thanks to our experience in subcontracting, we have the capacity to take on pretty much any client. We’re known for our enthusiastic way of working and our passion for the best online result. Since the birth of Sterc in 2005, MODX has been the cornerstone of all our projects. In fact, we’ve been heavily involved in the development of this CMS. Our partnership means we’re proud to flag our Gold & Founding partner seal.

Our involvement in MODX also means that our CTO Gauke Pieter Sietzema has been elected as chairman of the MODX Advisory Board, which gives MODX the possibility to streamline the creativity that is constantly developing this CMS. Gauke Pieter is also known for his talks at several MODX meetups in Munich, Minsk, London and Cologne, where he captured the audience’s imagination with stories about the way Sterc works and how MODX is playing a big part in its success.

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Creating extraordinary results together—What we stand for at Sterc.

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