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Toasted Digital Ltd

London, UK
Typical Budget: £10,000-£50,000 Hourly Rate: £75

About Toasted Digital Ltd

We are a digital design and development agency dedicated to producing engaging online work for people in the cultural and educational sectors. We specialise in animated websites, games and creative digital content, powered by MODx.

We've over 10 years' experience using MODx as a content management system, building everything from small business websites to complex custom database systems.

Discovering Britain—Discover the stories behind the places you thought you knew in Britain in this extensive collection curated by Royal Geographical Society. We focused on making the site full of useful UX animation to improve its use as a tool. We developed a responsive front end that integrated Ordnance Survey maps and Google Maps. The site is build on a MODx content management system, enabling RGS to manage their vast amount of rich content themselves.
Every One Remembered—Every One Remembered was a project initiated by The Royal British Legion, working with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to keep alive the memory of those who fell in the First World War, for future generations. The goal is to commemorate every single man and woman from across the Commonwealth who fell during the conflict. We developed a responsive site with many features, including the ability to view the thousands of cemeteries and commemorations on a custom map. The site is powered by a MODx backend.