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Our docs were built with search and small screens in mind. Keep it handy on your tablet, or in a tab, when creating sites.

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Discover MODX

Curated by our awesome Community, this collection of articles and tutorials covers MODX topics and more

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Cooking with MODX

A compilation of questions and solutions mostly taken directly from forum posts in solution form.

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Bringing the latest news to the MODX community. Every day(-ish).

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Bob’s Guides: MODX

Dedicated to the MODX Content Management Framework, the engine that powers this site.

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Books & Periodicals

Writing from around the world on MODX, including our self-published encyclopedic reference, MODX: The Official Guide.

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Events & Local Sites

Attend and organize MODX events and meetups in your area.

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Community Forums

Ask questions about how to use MODX or discuss using MODX and get to know other MODXers.

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Slack Collaboration

Get real-time help or discuss various topics related to MODX at

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