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MODX is by far the best PHP CMS I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Going from a mockup to a full-blown website can be done in a matter of hours. Having tried and developed on many different platforms, MODX tops them all in terms of the learning curve, ease of use, extensibility, and security.

Nathanael McMillan, Inside Creative

With MODX I can build complete and beautiful websites with all the functionality I want without being handicapped like I was with WordPress. Also, the websites are lightweight, fast-loading, SEO optimized, and privacy-friendly by default. There really is no other CMS I know that suits me the way MODX does.

Katharina Utsch, Reikotec

MODX allows us to give ultimate freedom to both our designers and customers, which is why it is the go-to default CMS we use for all of our clients.

Gerben van de Kraats, Census

In the short time I have been building websites on MODX Cloud, I have been won over by how it allows me to spend more time doing what I love: designing.

Lucy Iannotti, Following Sea

The hosting is fast and the administration interface is really nice. I thoroughly recommend MODX Cloud to anyone who needs to maintain a MODX site.

Aaron Figg, Solentim

We finally fired our traditional web host. For years, we burned countless hours maintaining not only numerous MODX sites but constantly attempting to maintain the host server instead of focusing on what we do best: design and code.

Jason Sonderman

MODX Cloud is the best. With fantastic support and plenty of room for flexibility, I can worry about my company and clients’ work and not our hosting.

Derek Lanphier, Sistema / Y&L Consulting

The interface is gorgeous and understandable at a glance, and the ability to capture versions and spin up ready-made Clouds will allow me to manage my clients’ sites and my own webapps in ways I could have never done before.

Aaron Ladage, luh-day-ghee

The website was handling 2000 or more visitors on the site at any given time, serving 400+ pages a minute—the site never slowed and performance was perfect.

Craig Flood, Zap Media Limited, UK Digital Design Agency

MODX is extremely responsive to our ongoing maintenance requests…I highly recommend the MODX team for any application.

Shaun Sinnott, Topgolf

The Cloud experience is a breeze compared to the manual processes I’ve laboured with so much at times in the past.

Mark Stoneman, Easy Street Asia

Compared to my previous VPS, MODX Cloud is a lot faster and more affordable.

Jevon Boyce,

Since switching to MODX Cloud, management of our four magazine websites has become much easier. Our sites run smoothly, and if any issues arise, the MODX team helps us with a solution and gets us back on track fast.

Jessica Hearn, Global Marketing Co. Ltd

Making the switch to MODX Cloud has been great for our company.

Uroš Likar, ORG. TEND

Our digital agency, ETERNITY loves MODX and most importantly, our clients find it far easier to use and maintain than other systems.

Mike Lannen, ETERNITY

We can always rely on MODX for top-notch security, and the flexibility to meet the needs of every website we develop.

Simon Langham, Unumbox

I came to MODX when my 96GB RAM, 32-core server was crashing from high traffic in 2014. They stabilized my site, then worked with me to implement a redesign optimized for speed and performance. They still support me today when I need help.

Now hosted in MODX Cloud, the site handles much more traffic, serves pages faster, and revenues have grown beyond my most optimistic hopes.

Mitch Wilson,

I have been working with MODX Cloud for over a year now and have found them to be excellent! They do a great job of keeping our inquiries moving and assisting quickly and thoroughly with each new request. MODX Cloud support over-delivers on my expectations regularly, which has made it easy to stay loyal to MODX while other platforms at our organization are changing. I’m impressed by their innovative coding solutions to some of our problems, as well.

Laura DesGranges

I've used MODX for 10 years – it is the best platform I’ve found for custom websites. It saves us development time, and therefore money, especially compared to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. I keep trying other CMSes and none of them fit my needs like MODX does.

Michael Snow, Snow Creative

It’s the best, most comprehensive (yet simple) CMS that doesn’t limit what you can achieve. I encourage anyone to try MODX because once you get the hang of it, you will never regret it.

Corvin Roelofsen, Vibe Design

MODX’s flexibility, usability, and learning curve make it easy for our clients to quickly get started without knowing anything about it. It is also easy to hand off hosting to our clients with MODX Cloud. When clients want everything to be in their hands after we complete development, we recommend MODX.

Andreas Zeller, lux-medien

MODX is more robust than WordPress and much easier to customize, and quite frankly, I would be nowhere without it.

Jakub Havránek, mediaform, s.r.o.

As a developer, I find MODX to be far more intuitive than WordPress or Magento. The way it allows you to organize code into Chunks with variables and inline if-statements makes it simple to get started, especially when building complex projects. MODX is great, doesn’t do anything until you want it to, and the Snippets, Output Modifiers and Plugins are lifesavers.

Carl Piper, Why Media

When I tell others about MODX, of course, I mention how it’s different from WordPress, but also emphasize that it’s FAR MORE user friendly, allows anything to be developed, and doesn’t break the site on updates. I also bring up the number of security vulnerabilities with other systems compared to MODX.

Paul Tejera, Digital Lightbridge

MODX is powerful, both for beginners who can’t write even a string in PHP, and developers who want the ability to customize everything.

Andrew A. Rutkas, Agrometer Ukraine

MODX is like the Linux of CMSes! Anything is possible.

Markus Wiener, tundw-webdev

I love MODX for a million reasons … but I am most impressed by its security, unlike WordPress, which a monkey could hack.

Jack Krause,

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