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The fastest, most flexible, scalable and secure, open-source CMS. 

Total creative freedom powered by
the most flexible CMS

Any Design, Any Framework

If you can prototype it, MODX can power it with pixel-perfect precision.

  • Supports Bootstrap, Foundation, and any other front-end technology. 
  • Power React, Vue, Angular and any other Javascript projects.
  • Supported HTML5/CSS3 in 2005, supporting HTML6 today.

Extend MODX with Extras

Unlike other CMS platform plugins, MODX Extras are designed to be easily tailored to your specific design and requirements.

  • More adaptable Extras means fewer plugins and extensions to manage.
  • Power testimonials, directories, store locators, and more as easy as a blog.
  • Visual drag-and-drop content authoring with the Fred Extra.
  • Integrate Anything

    Connect to the tools your team already uses - MODX easily integrates with anything that has an API.

  • Works with any PHP library to communicate with your data points.
  • xPDO processesor can connect to, maintain, and extend your database.
  • Take advantage of any HTML, CSS, or Javascript library you wish.
  • We've been building MODX websites since the beginning, with code that looks beautiful and performs flawlessly across multiple devices. Every project also comes with an ultra-customized MODX Manager that ensures your website can be easily updated and maintained without the need for a developer (like us) in the future.

    Kris Saratt, Smashstack, MODX Web Developers

    Kris Saratt, Smashstack, MODX Web Developers

    Deploy On-premise or In the Cloud

    Partnered with IBM Cloud, MODX can be deployed in minutes in the Cloud, or you can serve MODX sites from your own data center or almost any host.

    Enterprise Support from the Source

    Get enterprise support for your MODX solution straight from the team that created MODX, including maintenance agreements with SLAs.

    Global Developer Network

    Incredibly talented and professional freelancers and teams around the world leverage MODX’s creative freedom to build amazing online sites.

    As a leading manufacturer for the entertainment industry, we chose MODX as being the most flexible and secure CMS. Our digital agency, STERC, continuously optimizes speed and conversion and they integrated with Exact Synergy to automatically deliver content to our site and sync users.

    Marina Prak, Head of Marketing at Prolyte Group

    Marina Prak, Head of Marketing at Prolyte Group

    Ever-expanding capability powered by a passionate community

    MODX Extras

    MODX Extras are incredibly versatile and flexible. From menus to galleries to integrations, you can extend MODX to fit your unique needs.

    MODX Resources

    Are you looking for information about MODX? The resource hub will help you find what you need—be it books, tips and tutorial sites, and more.

    Community Forums

    MODX’s vibrant community of users and contributors is one of its greatest assets. Advice, answers, and help are just a forum post away.

    An Amazing Community

    One of MODX’s best features is its Community

    There are a huge number of friendly, helpful and smart people in the MODX Community. From forums to Slack, Github to Community-curated resources, you can almost always get an answer to any MODX question you might have.

    Learn more about the MODX Community →

    The best CMS choice for now and the future

    Unparalleled Speed & Scale

    Stop worrying about design choices or plugin bloat. MODX is architected for speed and scale without compromise. 

    Security by Default

    Fine-grained user permissions, robust configuration options, and a proven track record will free you from worry. 

    Support for Success

    Turn to a global network of MODX Professionals, the community for quick help, or the MODX team directly.

    Future-Proof CMS

    With MODX flexibility and integration capability, you can trust MODX will be ready for whatever comes next.

    MODX Revolution Wordpress Drupal Joomla!
    Reported Security Vulnerabilities 11 1,090 990
    Built-in High Performance Caching
    Easily Use Any Template Method You Wish
    Commercial Support MODX Acquia
    Business Friendly Licensing for Commercial Plugins
    Year Founded 2004 2003 2001 2005
    Premium Hosting MODX Cloud Wordpress VIP Acquia
    Reliable for Multi-site

    We have exclusively used MODX as our CMS of choice for over 14 years because of its incredible flexibility and security. Our digital agency, ETERNITY loves MODX and most importantly, our clients find it far easier to use and maintain than other systems. We can customize to our clients' exact specifications. Whether you are a small or large agency, we highly recommend MODX for your website projects.

    Mike Lannen, ETERNITY

    Mike Lannen, ETERNITY

    MODX is built for you

    From small marketing sites to Enterprise deployments across multiple data centers, MODX gives you the power, flexibility, speed, and scalability to make a difference for your site, every day of the week.


    For Site Owners

    Don’t worry about running into those “my developer said no” scenarios. Your site should always accomodate your needs and with MODX it can.

    For Content Editors

    Working on content every day is often an afterthought with shabby editing tools. Both you and your content deserve a whole lot more. And on that front, MODX delivers.

    For Organizations

    Build your online infrastructure on a flexible, secure and scalable platform—with a 14-year track record and expert community at your side.

    For Designers

    Never be constrained by the way a plugin author things your site should look. Use any type of markup or technique. If you can imagine it, MODX can power it with pixel-perfect precision.

    For Digital Agencies

    Your designers, developers, marketers and the rest of your digital experience team will get more work done with ease in less time—earning more profits for you and clients. 

    For Developers

    Whether you’re just starting with PHP, or a seasoned pro with Packagist projects, MODX will help you expand your horizons.

    As website developers specialising in AMP developed sites, our CMS of choice is always MODX. We can always rely on MODX for top-notch security, and the flexibility to meet the needs of every website we develop. The MODX support team are always promptly available whenever any issues arise too.

    Simon Langham, Unumbox

    Simon Langham, Unumbox

    Create More, Maintain Less

    MODX Cloud is for Creators.

    Centrally manage all your sites, simplify your team's workflow, and focus more on delivering amazing digital experiences.

    Ask About a Free Migration

    MODX Cloud makes the tedious automatic and the complex simple.

    • Great for any PHP CMS or application
    • Best-in-class security & performance
    • Support & services from experienced developers
    • Free SSL certificates
    • Nightly off-site backups
    • Dead-simple staging workflow
    • Automatic SSH key access