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Build, host, and maintain all your

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While invented to get the most from MODX CMS, MODX Cloud brings blazing-fast, secured, maintained and well supported hosting for any modern PHP application.

Great for any PHP application

Even better with MODX CMS

The interface is gorgeous and understandable at a glance, and the ability to capture versions and spin up ready-made Clouds will allow me to manage my clients’ sites and my own webapps in ways I could have never done before.

Aaron Ladage, luh-day-ghee

Aaron Ladage, luh-day-ghee

Powerful Managed Cloud Hosting Built for Normal People—No Server Admins Required

We make incredibly robust hosting accessible to non-geeks. Backups happen by default. A powerful control panel curated to only what you need. Awesome driven content staging, upgrades, Snapshots and backups save you time. And more…

 Automatic Offsite Backups

Almost everyone has lost a ton of time when they didn’t have a backup. In Cloud, we don’t let this happen.

 One-click Upgrades

Keeping up with upgrades is critical for security. Upgrading MODX in Cloud is so easy anyone can do it.

 Blazing Fast & Secure Servers

 We constantly upgrade our server stack. Keeping your critical infrastructure safe means you can sleep well.

 Snapshots & Content Staging

 Quickly clone sites or create the ultimate content staging workflow. Never break a live site again.

In the short time I have been building websites on MODX Cloud, I have been won over by how it allows me to spend more time doing what I love—designing—and less time fiddling with version updates and setting up local dev sites. The 1-click updates are wonderful, but even better is the ability to effortlessly spin up site clones to test new designs without disturbing the working site.

Lucy Iannotti, Following Sea

Lucy Iannotti, Following Sea

Managed Cloud Hosting You Can Rely Upon

Too many hosts focus on racing to the bottom of the pricing barrel—that means unacceptable compromises in today’s online-first world. With MODX Cloud you can build, host and maintain sites—the right way—and rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice. Speed. Security. Performance. Support. 

Superior Performance

MODX is not yet another commodity cPanel web host trying to be all things to all people. Nor do we just supply raw servers leaving you to figure everything out on your own. We have distilled decades of experience into the best way to run modern PHP apps so that your sites will perform always at their peak.

  • Blazing-fast, highly-optimized NGINX web servers
  • RAID and SSD drives
  • Intelligent caching
  • Gigabytes of bandwidth across multiple vendors

Enterprise-grade Security

From daily server maintenance to DDoS mitigation, 24/7 monitoring and triage to Web Application Firewalls, MODX Cloud takes the security of your sites seriously. Everything fully managed so you know your site is looked after all the time.

  • Nightly offsite backups with user-configurable retention
  • Daily platform maintenance
  • Automatic SSH keypair distribution to your instances
  • Malware scanning and remediation services
  • Around the clock platform monitoring

No-limit Scaling

We’ve helped customers who were suffering from their success with sites constantly going down get back in business and literally make millions. We’re comfortable running sites of any size or scale, including across multiple data centers around the world.

  • Multi-tenant platforms around the world for up to 300 concurrent visitors
  • Private Servers for up to 5000 concurrent visitors
  • Geo-balanced High Availability for Enterprise customers

Helpful Support to Drive Your Success

If something is not working as expected with a production site, we’re available to help you around the clock. If you need general assistance with your site or advice on how to solve a problem, we’re happy to help during European or US business hours.

  • Advice and consultation on best practices for site hosting
  • Available around-the-clock monitoring and outage resolution
  • We are happy to help you with not only servers but also the sites and applications you run in them, too

We finally fired our traditional web host. For years, we burned countless hours maintaining not only numerous MODX sites but constantly attempting to maintain the host server instead of focusing on what we do best: design and code.

Jason Sonderman, Blue148

Jason Sonderman, Blue148

Public Platforms

Our multi-tenant platforms serve sites shockingly fast, from multiple data centers around the globe.

 Private Servers

Single-tenant environments isolate users, enable custom configs and software, with more resources.

 Auto-Failover & HA

Failover and Highly Available environments ensure your sites perform at their peak no matter what.

MODX Cloud is the best. With fantastic support and plenty of room for flexibility, I can worry about my company and clients’ work and not our hosting.

Derek Lanphier, Web Consultant at Sistema / Y&L Consulting

Derek Lanphier, Web Consultant at Sistema / Y&L Consulting

Why You Should Host in MODX Cloud


Get a Website Turbo Button

We’ve spent years learning how to get the most out of web servers and how to keep them performing.


Support You Can Trust

We’re not just another commodity web host. We have highly skilled support agents that know the software that powers your site. After all, we created MODX.


Tools to Boost Productivity

We make tedious things automatic, and complex things simple. From automatic SSH key access to all of your sites to free SSL certificates to save you the headache of dealing with them, you’ll love what you find in MODX Cloud.

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Add your site to the more than 40,000 already created in MODX Cloud, and join the ranks of exceptional companies like these that rely on MODX Cloud to keep their site working at its best.

Making the switch to MODX Cloud has been great for our company. The simple interface allows us to easily manage our sites, and if something goes wrong, there is a great team behind it. Their support has been excellent; they are quick to respond and fix any problems.

We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs fast and secure MODX hosting.

Uroš Likar, ORG. TEND

Uroš Likar, ORG. TEND

Even before I signed up, the support team were on hand to help import the site using their import tool, which worked like magic. The hosting is fast and the administration interface is really nice.

I thoroughly recommend MODX Cloud to anyone who needs to maintain a MODX site.

Aaron Figg, Solentim

Aaron Figg, Solentim

Since switching to Managed MODX Cloud, looking after our websites has become much easier. No more spending hours trying to figure out the problems myself. Our sites run smoothly, and if any issues arise, the MODX team helps us with a solution and gets us back on track fast.

Jessica Hearn, Global Marketing Co. Ltd

Jessica Hearn, Global Marketing Co. Ltd

The Cloud experience is a breeze compared to the manual processes I’ve laboured with so much at times in the past. So far, I’ve found the platform’s performance to be good, and it’s such a relief to have the heavy MODX lifting done for me. It just works.

Mark Stoneman, Easy Street Asia

Mark Stoneman, Easy Street Asia

Create More, Maintain Less

MODX Cloud is for Creators.

Centrally manage all your sites, simplify your team's workflow, and focus more on delivering amazing digital experiences.

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MODX Cloud makes the tedious automatic and the complex simple.

  • Great for any PHP CMS or application
  • Best-in-class security & performance
  • Support & services from experienced developers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Nightly off-site backups
  • Dead-simple staging workflow
  • Automatic SSH key access