Upgrade and Enhance
MODX Cloud Sites

Add-ons can increase performance, enhance security, enable developers and more.

Site Upgrades

Increase scaling and capacity for individual MODX Cloud projects.

Essential Managed Security

$149/Month per Site

Essential Managed Security adds significantly enhanced security protection and a no-hack warranty to any website in MODX Cloud.

If you're looking to keep your site and customers safe from hackers and bad actors, Essential Managed Security puts all the right pieces in place for a safe, secure website.

Take a look below to see what Essential Managed Security adds to your standard MODX Cloud Plan.

No-Hack Warranty

No site is impervious to compromise. While your site is protected well in MODX Cloud, if we ever find it’s been hacked—automated or otherwise—our experienced team will get it cleaned and back in full working order. At no extra cost to you.

Proactive Protection

Because we lead the core security for MODX software, we get early access to information to stay ahead of automated attacks. When security updates are released for the version of MODX powering your site, we patch or upgrade your site without you having to request us to do so.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerts

We monitor your website to ensure it remains online and trouble-free. If there is an issue with your site, our support team will be notified and will either take corrective action or notify you of the issue. Around the clock. Every day of the year.

Priority Support

Your support requests go to the front of the line. Whether you have a question on how to solve a requirement, or need help fixing something that is not working as expected, count on getting the attention you need first.

DDoS Mitigation + WAF

Security starts before traffic ever hits your web site. Layer 7 DDoS mitigation stops malicious traffic before it ever reaches your site, and a Web Application Firewall blocks bad bots and bad actors.

Secure CDN

Our Secure Content Delivery Network in partnership with StackPath offloads serving static assets to servers close to your visitors. This makes your site perform much faster and offloads CPU and IO cycles for more important tasks.

At its peak on Christmas Eve, the website was handling 2000 or more visitors on the site at any given time, serving 400+ pages a minute—the site never slowed and performance was perfect.

Craig Flood, Zap Media Limited, UK Digital Design Agency

Craig Flood, Zap Media Limited, UK Digital Design Agency

Speed up sites, lock down security, and sustain high traffic loads.

SSL (HTTPS) Certificates

Visitors feel more confident when using SSL sites. Technologies like SPDY and HTTP/2 even improve performance. There is little reason to not have SSL.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Add an additional layer of security to your website to protect it from hackers and denial of service attacks—especially if built on WordPress.

Additional PHP Workers

Does your site need to handle more site visitors or perform heavier workloads? Double its processor allocation by adding additional PHP Workers to level up your power.

Dedicated Manager Workers

If you make frequent updates to your site, dedicate a worker pool specifically for the MODX Manager and make changes even when your site is busy.

Free tools to help developers create and maintain your projects in MODX Cloud.


Directly access databases for things such as exporting or importing data, or creating custom tables. phpMyAdmin is available in MODX Cloud to add to any site.


Node.js provides web developers with a JavaScript engine that runs on the server. Front-end developers use it for build tools such as Gulp and more via npm.


Preprocessing CSS is an invaluable part of a web developer or designer workflow. If you're building in MODX Cloud, the tools available should meet your needs.

I am loving MODX Cloud. It’s making so many things so much faster and easier.

Rachel Lilburn, Marama Design

Rachel Lilburn, Marama Design

Account-wide Upgrades

Additional capacity for all your websites and projects in MODX Cloud.

Managed CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) improve site performance and visitor experience by distributing and serving assets that infrequently change like images, CSS and JavaScript from servers close to site visitors. Account-wide Managed CDN starts at $10/month.

MODX Cloud’s Managed CDN applies to your entire account, and we handle configuration for your MODX sites.

Managed CDN starts at $10/month.

Additional Storage

If you are on the Pro Plan or higher, and your account uses more storage than your MODX Cloud plan limit, you can purchase more storage for Backups, Snapshots, and your site assets.

Need customized storage options? Ask us about Private Servers.

Additional storage starts at $10/month.

Create More, Maintain Less

MODX Cloud is for Creators.

Centrally manage all your sites, simplify your team's workflow, and focus more on delivering amazing digital experiences.

Ask About a Free Migration

MODX Cloud makes the tedious automatic and the complex simple.

  • Great for any PHP CMS or application
  • Best-in-class security & performance
  • Support & services from experienced developers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Nightly off-site backups
  • Dead-simple staging workflow
  • Automatic SSH key access