Maintain your sites with ease and peace of mind

Experience the full MODX difference with cloud hosting perfectly configured for MODX—or any other PHP app. No Server Admins required. Rely on MODX cloud hosting for the best possible security, uptime, speed, efficiency, and support.

Base Team Business
For organizations with 1-5 websites For digital agencies and marketing departments For custom requirements or governance mandates
Monthly Price with One Website
Price after adding your first site in the Dashboard—get started for $10 less on Base plans, $5 less on others.
$25/month $60/month $150/month
Vault Storage
For website backups and Snapshots.
10 GB 75 GB 100 GB
Extra Live Sites
Each additional website with your domain names expected to receive production traffic.
$10/month $5/month $5/month
(free on private servers)
Extra Vault Storage Available
For custom Snapshots and longer backup retention starting at $10/month for 25 GB.
Free Development Sites
For staging, testing, migration and learning.
Deploy Sites Near Your Customers
Launch sites in Texas, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, or Sydney.
Automatic Nightly Backups
Restore yourself, no support ticket required.
Free Automatic SSL Certificates
Powered by Let’s Encrypt.
Custom SSL Support
Bring your own EV or wildcard certificate.
Priority Support
Faster response with customer-set priority level.
Get Started Get Started Get Started
Available Upgrades & Managed Services
Faster sites with a CDN and additional PHP workers starting at $20/month for Base plans.
Proactive security, WAF, CDN, and a hack-free warranty starting at $200/month for Base plans.
Failover hosting in two data centers with WAF and CDN starting at $100/month for Base plans.
Discount on the upgrades above
Save more on higher plans.
10% 25%
Managed Private Servers
Dedicated servers starting at $395/month in any of 15 different countries.
Custom Software or Configs
For increased PHP memory limits, Elasticsearch, memcached, custom software, and more.

(private servers only)
Selective Content Staging
Working on 3 parts of a site but only 1 is ready? This solves that by letting you choose which pages to promote from staging to production.

(private servers only)

Open Source

For anyone who wants to run MODX on their own, we fully embrace Open Source and have since 2004. Use your control panel auto-installer or download it for free. A thriving global community, multi-language docs, and ongoing development make MODX a smart choice.

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For custom configurations, multilingual global gateways, and governance requirements, MODX supports highly-available clusters, custom software and configurations, PO invoicing, and on-premise support starting at $3000/month (billed annually).

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Web Hosting the Right Way

MODX Cloud helps you maintain your sites the right way, without having to heavily invest in additional staff or servers. If you care about security, speed, scalability, and support, look no further than MODX Cloud.

Automatic Backups

Nightly offsite backups give you a fallback if and when you need. Enabled by default, restore yourself.

One-Click Upgrades

Keeping up with updates is critical. MODX Cloud makes it easy. Nothing to install and just a click away.

Auto-Failover & HA

If uptime and scaling are critical, optional failover or a high-availability cluster will keep visitors happy.

Snapshots & Staging

Clone, share sites and stage content in just a few clicks. Maintain sites—the right way —with ease.

Optimized Web Servers

Curated software configured to serve pages blazing fast with options for more speed thanks to our CDN.

24/7 Security Monitoring

From daily updates to DDoS attacks to zero-day exploits, our team is here to support you around the clock.

Aaron Figg, Solentim

Aaron Figg

The hosting is fast and the administration interface is really nice. I thoroughly recommend MODX Cloud to anyone who needs to maintain a MODX site.

Uroš Likar, ORG. TEND

Uroš Likar

Making the switch to MODX Cloud has been great for our company.

Lucy Iannotti, Following Sea

Lucy Iannotti

In the short time I have been building websites on MODX Cloud, I have been won over by how it allows me to spend more time doing what I love: designing.

Following Sea

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have when considering MODX Cloud.

How can I move my website to MODX Cloud?

We want to make moving to MODX Cloud as easy as possible. We will move your first site to MODX Cloud for free. If you have additional websites to move, we can move those for a nominal fee.

Of course, web developers are welcome to migrate sites using ther typical tools such as SFTP or SSH.

Where will my site be hosted?

MODX Cloud lets you choose from one of five public locations of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Sydney (Australia), or Texas for each site you host in MODX Cloud.

We also offer private servers in all 18 locations where IBM Cloud has a data center.

Do you have site backups?

Do we ever. MODX Cloud offers nightly, configurable backups—between one and thirty days (defaults to seven).

What's more, can restore your site from a backup, at any time, with no need to contact support.

Can you help me fix my website?

Our MODX Cloud support is made up of experienced web professionals and skilled technical support agents. We can help resolve most small issues quickly. For larger projects, we can provide estimates or refer you to a MODX Professional.

What is your uptime guarantee?

MODX Cloud has a Service Level Agreement standard of 99.99% uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Our uptime statistics always exceed those.

If your organization can't afford your website to ever be down—including scheduled maintenance or brief restarts, ask us about UptimePlus or our High Availability configurations.

How many sites can I host in my account?

You can host as many sites in your MODX Cloud account as will fit within the available storage on your Plan or any Extra Storage.

Each additional website that will have a domain name pointed will be $5/month on the Pro Plan and higher. Websites used for staging or development are no extra charge.

What forms of payment do you accept?

MODX Cloud accepts major credit cards and PayPal for your hosting subscription.  We can only accept check (cheque) payments on the Enterprise Plan, annually.

Can I cancel at any time?

You may cancel your MODX Cloud account at any time. Before you cancel you'll be reminded to backup and remove all your live websites and then follow instructions for cancellation.

If you cancel within the first month. We'll provide you with a full refund.

Do you offer refunds?

If you cancel within the first month, we'll provide you with a full refund.

All other cancellations will be effective at the end of your current billing period. We do not provide refunds for remaining days or months on monthly or annual billing. 

Do you offer email services?

We do not offer email services. We specialize in providing the best environment to host your website, so it performs fast and securely.

You can learn more about email inboxes in our user guide.

Create More, Maintain Less

MODX Cloud is for Creators.

Centrally manage all your sites, simplify your team's workflow, and focus more on delivering amazing digital experiences.

Ask About a Free Migration

MODX Cloud makes the tedious automatic and the complex simple.

  • Great for any PHP CMS or application
  • Best-in-class security & performance
  • Support & services from experienced developers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Nightly off-site backups
  • Dead-simple staging workflow
  • Automatic SSH key access