Books & Periodicals

You can master MODX from these excellent publications.

  • MODX: The Official Guide

    by Bob Ray

    Building dynamic websites with the MODX content management platform. The official and definitive guide to MODX—both Revolution and Evolution. All the information you need to use MODX to meet your needs as a designer/developer. From MODX Press.

  • MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way

    by W. Shawn Wilkerson

    An example-driven guide which effectively walks readers through various aspects of administrating, using, developing, and designing websites.

  • MODx Web Development cover

    MODx Web Development (2nd Edition)

    by Antono John Solar

    Building dynamic websites with the PHP application framework and CMS. Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure and customize MODX.

  • MODx Web Development cover

    MODxでつくる!最強のCMSサイト (単行本)

    by MODxフォーラムJapanese Co

    (著) Learn how to use MODX, in Japanese. Originally published in 2007.

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