MODX: The Official Guide

Bob Ray’s official and definitive text that has helped thousands of people around the world master MODX.

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MODX: The Official Guide is a comprehensive reference for all things MODX. It’s a great how-to guide for beginning MODX users as well as an excellent tool for seasoned MODX developers. You won’t be disappointed by this book—it belongs on the desk of every MODX user.

Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-founder & CEO
MODX: The Official Guide Cover

MODX: The Official Guide

Building dynamic websites with the MODX content management platform.

  • Construct any site you imagine—without compromise. MODX gives you total creative freedom.
  • MODX is a content management platform that lets you fit the tool to your website, not the other way around.
  • MODX makes custom sites faster to build. It gives you back your time so you can finally do that project you put off for so long.
  • Output exactly what you want, dynamic XML, HTML, or anything else you need.

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About the Book

By the time you’ve finished reading this book, you should be able to use MODX to create new web sites or to port existing web sites to MODX. The goal of this book is to provide all the information you need to use the basic building blocks of MODX to meet your needs as a web designer/developer.

Although the book focuses on MODX Revolution, many of the concepts explained apply to MODX Evolution as well, and there is a section at the end of each chapter containing notes for MODX Evolution.

Editions and Sample Chapter

Details about each edition and sample chapter of MODX: The Official Guide.

The Digital Edition

  • Hundreds of updates
  • English
  • Epub, Mobi, PDF, and HTML
  • DRM Free
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Print Edition

  • 772 pages
  • English
  • Published 08-2011
  • ISBN 978-0-9836194-0-6
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  • Full-Table of Contents
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The Sample Code

Get the sample code that accompanies the book and work along.

Don’t just read the book, try it out at home. Download the code samples and work your way through the examples and master MODX.

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Bob Ray - Author

About the Author

Bob Ray came to MODX from a background in C++ programming. He took one look at MODX and fell in love. He has been a relentless gadfly with respect to MODX terminology and how to connect users to the underlying architecture of MODX via the Manager user interface. His motto is “developers are users too.”

He is the author of many MODX Revolution components, including QuickEmail, SPForm, EZfaq, ThermX, Personalize, NewsPublisher, MyComponent, ActivationEmail, and Captcha. Bob’s MODX site, has been a source of information and inspiration for countless MODX users.

Bob is a former ski racer and competi- tive windsurfer and he played lead guitar in a punk rock band for several years. He lives much of the year in his RV, wintering in Florida and spending his summers in the Pacific Northwest.

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